Saturday, September 10, 2005


As America goes through this difficult time, lets not forget to pray for everyone affected. Many have lost everything they "own", many lives have been lost, and many are grieving because of this. We need to remember these family's in our prayers. We need to pray for the Gospel to still be "gotten out", and for all those affected to see God's Love among His children.

The bible says "where two or three are gathered in my name there am I in the midst." NO WE CAN NOT change what has happened to New Orleans, Mississippi & Alabama, but WE CAN help change their future.

I'm not saying to fork over a whole bunch of money or anything, cause I know some people can't, but WE CAN PRAY for them and for the workers. They say getting New Orleans back up again will take over a year, this will be a hard tedious job, so lets remember the people who will be working in New Orleans (and surrounding areas) in the next year or so.

Its hard losing your house and everything you own in a hurricane and I feel for the people who have lost theirs! That's why I'm asking everyone to please pray for them as they go through this hard time. (And remember not complain about "things" that we don't THANKFUL FOR WHAT WE DO HAVE, in a "blink" of an eye...everything could be gone)

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