Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm Going To Be A Great Aunt Again!

My niece Britainy and John are expecting a bouncing baby boy on 7/7/14. Our whole family is so excited. Our last little boy will be 22 on July 28. Since that time there has been 5 girls. My niece Cassidy 18, my daughter Audrey 16, niece Janie 6, Avery 5 and great niece and soon to be big sister Finley 2 in May.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Must Never Forget

Once again the 911 anniversary is upon us.
Let resolver forget..
• those lost that horrible day
• their family, friends and coworkers that survived
• our glorious nation that came together in one resolve

Thanks to the Hero's


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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Leftover Rice!

Audrey loves plain rice! Actually any kind of rice. She likes to have it as a snack. But rice isn't really a quick snack! Unless you already have it on hand!

It's easy to do. When ever you make rice, make extra. 

Put freezer wrap into a perfect size bowl or muffin tins work great!

Fill it,

press it, 

wrap it!

I usually put another layer of freezer wrap,

then into a freezer bag with the contents and date written on it!

 Ta-da , next time you or someone wants rice for lunch or a snack. (Great in a packed lunch too, if there's a microwave) Pull one out & throw it into the microwave. Everyone's microwave is different but start with 2-3 mins. Squish the ball of rice around (CAUTION it will be very hot at some point!)

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Christmas at my Parents!

I know this is quite a few picture, believe me, it's just a tiny "drop in the bucket" (where do we get some of our crazy sayings). 

My brother Tony holding his 5 year old daughter Janie's presents...the little ones aren't spoiled! 
No, not at all hehe!

The most adorable picture. My great niece Finley cuddled up in the blanket Jen made for Britainy.

WARNING...she gets even more adorable!

Warned you...she fell asleep!

 Jen opening Keegan's present! (I think Mat's trying to photobomb - not really)

Mom & Dad (and of course Ali at my Dad's feet)

One of Audrey's many presents.

One of Audrey's presents for Granny (a glass cardinal ornament). Granny loves her cardinals she has in the backyard.

Sisters - my nieces Britainy & Cassidy!

Avery at her house before heading to Granny & Grandpa's.
Photo by Mitzi
Nieces Avery & Cassidy
Photo by Mitzi
My great niece Finley at her house Christmas morning!

Another cute one of Finley!

Cousins - my nieces Avery & Janie!

 A story to go with the next three pictures!
When we (my sister, brother & I) were young we didn't have a lot of money. One year we really struggled with what to get Dad for Christmas. Well, Dad loves peppermint, and we found straight peppermint sticks that were about a foot long and about the diameter of a quarter. We bought 3 (1 from each of us) and we had his present.

Fast forward to our adulthood (I'm not sure what year, some time in the beginning 80's I think) my sister Mitzi finds a giant peppermint stick like the one in the following pictures.

Now six grandchildren and the first Christmas of a great grandchild later. He still gets his giant candy cane.

There's no name tag. It's one of the first presents opened. He acts like he has no clue who it could be for, or what it is. The little one's have so much fun telling Grandpa that he had better "open it to see who's it is".

He then opens it and with the honing steel from the knife block he whacks at it and we all get to enjoy someffo the best peppermint I've ever taste!


My nephew Keegan with Jen! Isn't the chalkboard fireplace so cute!
My niece Britainy drew this on her chalkboard wall for her stockings! There was a "fire" burning and everything

My sister Mitzi

A cousin pile

The three little girls!

Hope your Christmas was as blessed as mine!

Finish December Before I Start 2013!

We made cookies!

Audrey got a new BJD (had nothing to do with her Christmas presents!

Left cookies and milk for Santa. Still ;)!

Ready Christmas morning,

the presents under the tree!

Did you notice him in the picture above?

Audrey doesn't like for me to post pictures of her so I didn't really have any of her opening presents that she wasn't in! Except this one hehe!

Audrey got me this from Etsy! I LOVE it! 
It's exactly like my parents! I've wanted one forever!
Thank you pumpkin!

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Birthday Updates for December!

We had a very blessed December! I didn't post any details during December except my birthday wishes to my  Rudy & Bridget and my shock at how fast Christmas was rolling around this year!

Here's a few pictures of Rudy's celebration at our house!

Collection of "The Three Stooges"

We usually make Rudy's cake. This year we were going to pick one up at the grocery store.
The only "marbled" cake they had was this... pink, yellow & green!

Full of candles!

Call the fire department!
 Our family always celebrates birthdays on Sundays at my parents. With Rudy's birthday December 1st and Bridget's the 6th we had both their celebrations on the December 2nd
Notice the missing "t" on Bridget's name?
 Of course Rudy & Bridget both need the help of Janie & Avery!

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