Saturday, January 05, 2013

Leftover Rice!

Audrey loves plain rice! Actually any kind of rice. She likes to have it as a snack. But rice isn't really a quick snack! Unless you already have it on hand!

It's easy to do. When ever you make rice, make extra. 

Put freezer wrap into a perfect size bowl or muffin tins work great!

Fill it,

press it, 

wrap it!

I usually put another layer of freezer wrap,

then into a freezer bag with the contents and date written on it!

 Ta-da , next time you or someone wants rice for lunch or a snack. (Great in a packed lunch too, if there's a microwave) Pull one out & throw it into the microwave. Everyone's microwave is different but start with 2-3 mins. Squish the ball of rice around (CAUTION it will be very hot at some point!)

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