Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I got called.....

stubborn today!!

I think I might possibly have pneumonia. Having pneumonia in it's self is not being stubborn! However, while my daughter was talking to her granny (my mom) today, she informed her that I have pneumonia. Well, upon that announcement my mom promptly did what all moms do asked told me that I had "better call Dr. so & so tomorrow"! I of course answered with "nah, I'm ok, really! It'll go away". That's when my daughter & mom both informed me that I was "stubborn".

Now I must tell you , I haven't been properly diagnoised, just my own (registered nurse) observations.

During school today we listened to my (well both our) hearts & lungs. Audrey's (of course) sounded like a heathly 10 year olds heart & lungs. My heart sounded fine. My lungs, on the other hand....sounded like a 47 year old with pneumonia.

I did get a qualified second opinion (hubby did run lifesquad over 20 something years ago)! I had Rudy take a listen to the bottom areas of my lungs (where pneumonia likes to hide). His diagnosis...."I don't hear anything" (typical with pneumonia actually).

So, I guess after futher review.... where "Going to the doctor" is concerned, I am a little very stubborn.

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