Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OK, not so wordless

I know I posted today as "Wordless Wednesday", but I posted that before my ordeal of renewing our subscription.

The initial "renewing" was quick and simple...*click Norton Internet Security*; *click the "renew subscription" button*; *buy new subscription*. See... quick, easy, done.

With the subscription, comes the "you can use this program on up to 3 PCs". Great! I don't have to pay for a second!

Now comes the ordeal. I tried following the directions! Didn't work. I went to their website and followed the "troubleshooting" instructions! Didn't work. I uninstalled & reinstalled. I tried to call the tech support. Well, after a maze of forms to fill out before getting their 800 #, I called to find out that the phone call would cost $9.50! Grrrr, back to their website!

Finally, I find a "live chat" with technical support. You had to download it, but at least it was free! I download the "chat" program, fill out the info, including the "description of your problem" box. After chatting a few minutes, the analyst asked if she could have access to our computer. I said what, no way sure!

My daughter & I sat there in awe, amazement SHOCK as we watched the cursor on the computer move by itself! Closing & opening both windows & programs! It was an eerie feeling watching someone, who was on the west coast, work on our computer. Finally she reboots our computer, clicks all the "right buttons" and *poof* we have the Internet Securities subscription updated and everything functioning as it should.

This whole ordeal, start to finish, took over 5 hours!! Five hours!!

So, that's why my "Wordless Wednesday" became a release post for my 5 hours of frustration!

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