Sunday, March 16, 2008

For the Price of a Stamp...

I ran across the organization Make A Child Smile the other day. Make A Child Smile...who doesn't want to do that!

Upon reading through their website and "frequently asked questions", I found that this wonderful organization keeps a list of children with severe/chronic life-threatening illnesses. With the names of these children they also have their mailing addresses, abilities, siblings, interest and updates (the children's name are sent in by family/friends). Each month the have "Featured Kids". After the month is over those children move to the "Previous Kids" page and new children are featured once again for a month.

All you we have to do to Make A Child Smile, go to each kid's individual page (either "Featured Kids" or "Previous Kids"), read their story and write down their mailing address (which is posted next to their picture). Then... mail them cards, letters, gifts or other creative things. That's it!!

See, "Make A Child Smile" for the price of a stamp! Such a bargain! So, if you get a chance and have an extra stamp lying around, "Make A Child Smile"!

I'm also adding a link on my sidebar to remind myself to "Make A Child Smile"!

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Christine said...

That is such a nice program! I'm sure my daughter (7) would love to write some letters. I will go check it out now!