Monday, March 10, 2008


Recently I found artist Kate E. Austin’s blog. She has an amazing post on making "plarn"! Plarn you ask! Plarn is yarn made from plastic bags (yes the plastic bags stores give us). I think it's amazing with I see someone come up with inventive ways to recycle.

Here’s her how-to video (which can also be found on her blog):

Isn't that simple! Look at the handbag she made!

Isn't that cute! You would never guess that it was made from plastic bags!

Kate E. Austin also has an Etsy Shop of her artwork and already made plarn!

I'm going to have to try this out, hmmm, I wonder how many things you can make with plarn?!

Photo/video from Kate E. Austin’s blog.


Kate E. Austin said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for featuring me!

RecycleCindy said...

I saw your post and thought I'd drop you a comment about my experience using plarn. I have crocheted, purses, totes, dishcloths, clothes pin bags, bibs, coasters, shoulder bags, rugs, barrettes, and water bottle holders. I think the possibilities are endless. Best of luck with your project and if you need any free patterns come over and visit me at

Kate E. Austin said...

I mentioned you in my art blog too, and on the website under "publicity".