Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Today is being dubbed "Super Tuesday Jr.", by the media! The primary elections in Rhode Island, Vermont, Ohio and Texas are today!

I hope everyone in these states have taken the time to go out and vote! Voting is a privilege that this great nation allows. So many times I hear people complaining, only to find out that they have never voted... why complain if you didn't take the time to express your opinion and cast that vote for your choices!

So, the daughter, the hubby & I bundled up (yes, SW Ohio had 70 degree F weather yesterday and today was 37) and went to vote. We picked a perfect time to go (other than the light sprinkle of rain). There were no lines to sign in, no waiting for the voting booth and no waiting to scan your ballet!

We even got a bottle of water along with our "I made a difference" sticker!

Isn't that special, LOL!

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That's My Shirt In That Picture.