Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why do we forget!

Last fall, before it cooled down, our central air conditioning unit broke. Just suddenly quit working. The fact that we were very hot, sweaty and uncomfortable was complicated by the fact that I have asthma.

The heat & humidity was really causing trouble with my asthma. Rudy took it apart (he's very handy & worked with the local gas & electric company) even had someone from the electric company to take a look at it for free, but he couldn't fix the problem.

We wanted to get it fixed, but with parts & labor we were looking at anywhere between $600-$1,000!! Well, that was impossible. Thinking that maybe we could save enough money before the heat of summer returned...we did nothing.

Well, we have flown through these first months of 2008 and haven't been able to save anything toward fixing the air conditioning. During this time we have repeatedly thought and said..."We can't afford to fix it", "We can't fix this" and/or "We can't do this" (or things similar). Notice the "we can't, we can't"?

I often tell our daughter not to say "I can't". Then we turn right around and do the exact same thing. It was our human nature that kept saying "We can't". We forgot that our Lord can do anything and everything that we need Him to do. We don't need to be able to do anything. Today to Lord once again reminded us of that very thing.

My dad, being so concerned about my asthma, decided that he was going to get our air conditioning fixed. I received a call from my dad this morning wanted to let me know that he and Bill (a man that usually fixes those things that my dad can't) was coming over to look at the central air conditioning unit.

Forty-five minutes later my dad's truck pulled into our drive with Bill in tow. About 20 minutes after that...we had a fixed air conditioner! PRAISE THE LORD, Bill was able to fix it with new capacitor and a few minutes work. Bill had mentioned to my dad, before they left his house, that it sounded like it was the "capacitor" and that he had one to bring with him.

Rudy called my mom to make sure dad & Bill had made it home safely and also asked how much Bill had charged dad. Ready for this.....$25 for the part!!! I not kidding. My dad went ahead and gave him $50 for his time & labor too!

See our human side had us convinced that we couldn't do anything to fix this, but our Lord had it all taken care of.

Our God is an awesome God!!

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