Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Is Really Here!

Well, today it became officially summer. Oh not the "First day of Summer" or any other truly "official" way of noting the "first" day of summer. Just the most important way....our family!

We made our first visit of the year to our local little soft serve ice cream shop. The "Gold Top" faithfully opens it doors window every spring bringing joy to everyone. The little A-frame building, with it's golden painted roof, it's big pots of flowers and all their wonderful ice cream treats is always a bustle of activity.

Typically we've made at least one trip before now, but today was the day this year. The little trek to "Golden Roof" (as we so fondly call it) can make any bad day turn good (thankfully not needed this visit, it was already a good day, this just made it even better).
Oh yummy, can't wait till next time! You just can't be sad and eat a "chocolate/vanilla twist with sprinkles" (or a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, or a plain twist, or a twist in a waffle cone, or a sundae, or a.....wait a minute, this list could go on forever!)

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