Monday, June 23, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you remember the Fisher Price "See N' Say"?

The original had the "pull string" that could get tangled or worse yet wrapped around a little ones fingers. If you grabbed the spinning arrow (like most kids would) it would cause the sound to drag and eventually cause it to not work at all.

The came the "pull lever"! Much better than the string. No tangled knotted strings. No risk to tiny fingers.

If you grabbed the spinning arrow, it still caused problems. But over all much better than the original "pull string".

Well, have you seen the new ones! Wow, they're fancy, lol! My niece has one and it has a flip screen that gives you twice the amount of "animal sounds", one "quiz" and "song" on each side. I's a lot smaller than the originals (which of course is actually easier for the little hands to carry). Even stopping the spinning arrow does NOT mess up the sound.

Even with the few changes, one thing hasn't still brings a lot of joy to little lives.

(photos of "pull string" & "pull lever" see n' says are ebay stock photos)

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Pepper said...

I remember those and was looking for one for my son recently, but all I could find was Dora the explorer ones. I'm not a big Dora fan but when I saw the "page changing" ones and I was tempted. Knowing there are non-dora ones makes me want to find one again.