Friday, October 31, 2008

This Wasn't a Treat!

We never "celebrate" Halloween. Audrey never goes trick or treating. Well, a last minute change and she goes this year!

We usually hand out candy to the neighbor kids (of course, we live on a small cul-de-sac and our record number of trick or treaters is 13!). Well this year our 3rd visitor was our nephew Shane with his daughter Samantha.

Most of Audrey's "cousins" on Rudy's side of the family are 30 something adults. So she is actually closer in age to her second cousins (like Samantha who is 13 y/o).

While we were standing around talking with them, Samantha asked if Audrey could go walk around with them trick or treating. After telling her yes, she ran into the house grabbed a "bucket" for candy, a hat for her head and off she went.

Our trick or treat time was 6 pm to 8 pm. So a few minutes after 8, Rudy saw the three of them walking down the street. He decided to go out and meet them with Bear (our dog) to say bye, thanks etc. A few minutes passed and in walks Audrey who announces... "Hey Mom, I got bit by a dog!" WHAT?? Did I just hear her correctly? Did she say "bit by a dog"? In she walks into the kitchen holding a wet, ice filled paper towel up to her bottom lip.

So, me "the mom" is asking to see her lip, she is wanting to talk about everything that she did & saw. Finally, I get a good look at her swollen lip and see the teeth marks on her bottom lip. Oh, the horrible feeling we mom's get any time our babies get hurt.

The good news, it was Rudy's brother's dog. So we know it's up on shots etc. The dog is a tiny "puff ball" of a dog Pomeranian. Samantha was holding it and handed it to Audrey. The dog, not knowing Audrey, growled and as she try to set it down it turned and bit her lip.

Audrey said Samantha freaked, feeling guilty for handing her the dog, then started cleaning up the blood from her lip and chin. She also said the help was endless...Samantha, Shane, Drew (Shane's brother) and Joyce (Shane's mom) all had their look and helped clean up off the blood & get some ice on the swelling.

We've got it all cleaned some "steri strips" on it and it didn't prevent her from eating some of her candy. All in all, she said she had a fun evening.

You can read Audrey's take on the events of the evening and see pictures of her lip on her blog.

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