Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo Hunt #12 - Aftermath

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The aftermath from Hurricane OHIO!
(These pictures are from my parents neighborhood)

Hundreds of thousands were without electric, some for over a week! We had to go 5 days without it. It's amazing how much we take electric for granted.

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jenny said...

It's amazing the staying power that storm had. I'm in Texas north of Houston---so I know!! (Although our town was in some sort of bubble of protection, so I didn't have the damage they did just south of us.)

Have a great week!

Dianne said...

Scary stuff indeed. We have some photos like that too from a 1997 storm that knocked our power out for 4 days and when I contracted Lyme disease from being outside and not showering enough.

{Pink} Aloha Monkey said...

I know what you mean about taking electricity for granted. I would be having major withdrawals if I couldn't get online :)

Thanks for viewing my photo hunt. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Trees seem so fragile when they meet up with hurricane force winds. Everything looks so green and yet the there is destruction. Being without power especially if it's really cold or hot is hard to endure.

Stop by if you have time and see my take on aftermath. JyLnC's aftermath