Friday, January 23, 2009

Quite the Cook!

Audrey, at 11 years old, is becoming quite the cook. She loves to help with dinner and can cook herself up a wonderful snack. She has always been the type to say "Can I have a can of _______ (fill in the blank with any type of veggie)?" or "do we have any cooked meat frozen?" (like when I have diced cooked leftover chicken or turkey or cook browned beef with onions) when wanting a snack.

Now that she is able to fix her own snack's, she comes up with some tasty combination. This is one of her snack creations!

She sauteed button mushroom with a little salt, cracked black pepper & garlic powder. Served it over butter/garlic angel hair pasta.

She did let us have a taste, it was delicious! Aw, a future gourmet chef in the never know!


momof1son said...

Yum, that looks great!! Tell her she can come cook supper at our house anytime!

stan said...

that's quite impressive. I'm beginning to learn how to cook again now tt I've moved out to live on my own. Just had a great home-cooked dinner. I hope I get the hang of it.