Friday, January 16, 2009

They Worked So Hard!

Yesterday Rudy and Audrey worked on the fireplace. They had to replace some of the fire bricks that fell out.

Audrey was such a great helper for her daddy!

Now that the fire bricks had set for 24 hours. They were off for more work. Cutting wood & bringing it up to the house. Wind chill was below zero, so they were bundled up and ready to go!

Shane & Drew (our nephew's) helped too! Shane was splitting firewood, and Drew was out in the yard with the chainsaw!

Audrey helped carry it all up onto the porch.

Aw, the benifits of her labor....reading in front of the fire!
It was so nice and warm! Thanks sweetie & pumpkin!

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JustMeAndMyTeddyBear said...

Me reading Artemis Fowl. Book two: The Arctic Incident. Chapter 9: NO SAFE HAVEN.
Regardless of the light, it is excrutiatingly dark.
Oh,and Bear almost got chain-saw-ed. And I've finished that book. Onto The Eternity Code, for me.