Monday, March 09, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Muffin Tin Monday is a weekly blog gathering (at Her Cup Overfloweth) of mommies who serve one meal a week (or more:) ) in a muffin tin! Well, I've been dropping in on these wonderful ladies and all their creative muffin tins for several weeks now! Well today, I finally decided to join're never to old for a muffin tin meal!

So, with out further ado...our first MTM!!

Going clockwise from the blue muffin cup on the left: 1st 4 cups - Turkey & cheese sandwich quarters; The Laughing Cow Swiss cheese; pretzel sticks; & olives! This was so much fun! I'm so glad I finally jumped on board the MTM train!

Next week there is a "theme" for the MTM...."green" for a very St. Patty's day meal.

Make sure to stop by and check out all the wonderful muffin tins here (or maybe join us)!


Kayce said...

Yay! Welcome to MTM. Looks yummy!

~Bobbi~ said...

Cute little picks!

PisecoMom said...

Looks yummy! I love those reusable muffin liners - so cute.

Michelle Sybert said...

Welcome to MTM, any tin with Laughing Cow Swiss in it is my kind of tin!!!

JustMeAndMyTeddyBear said... tasted good.

sara's art house said...

Mmmm that muffin tin lunch looks so cute and yummy!