Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Bento Giveaway!

You have to run right over to Kitchen Cow and check out her "Bento Giveaway"! She's celebrating Kitchen Cow's 3rd Anniversary!

(Photo & giveaway description from Kitchen Cow)

What’s in her Bento Giveaway? Well, everything in the photo!
Clear bento box with 4 removable compartments
16cm chopsticks with cloth storage case
Cute food-themed baran / plastic dividers
4 Animal-themed reusable bento cups
2 Vegetable-themed condiments container for dry ingredients or thick sauces
3 Refillable soy sauce containers
A selection of fruit-themed mini picks
A selection of animal-themed disposable bento cups
2 Hello Kitty Jello Molds
2 Bento Belts

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