Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bento-versary and Giveaway!

Wendy over at Wendolonia is celebrating a Bento-versary with a fantastic giveaway!

What is a Bento-versary you say? Well it's a celebration of her 175 bento lunches she prepared for her little preschooler this past school year!!

So, what would you giveaway for a Bento-versary....Bento stuff, of course!! Check it out, two sets, so two winners!
Bento set #1
Bento set #2
Pictures from Wendolonia

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Lisa said...

This is weirder than weird. Before today, I had never heard of a bento box. Somehow, this morning, I ended up reading blogs about them. Then tonight I find your post. This is spooky. It must be a sign that I should start packing my husband's lunch, instead of sending him off with his usual, Lean Cuisine, fruit, and yogurt.