Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow, another year is almost over! It's seems like just yesterday we were excited ringing in the new year 2000! Now here we are heading into 2010! Time flies!

2009 highlights!
  • January: my "baby" brother turned 42, and celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary; Tracy (niece) turned 36 (oh wow... that makes me feel old O.o!); Matthew (nephew) turned 34
  • February: Bear (our "canine" child) turned 8
  • March: Patch (a "feline" child) turned 5; and Avery (our newest niece) celebrated her 1st birthday
  • April: Audrey (our little baby) turned 12!
  • May: Oliver (another "feline" child) turned 6; my sister celebrated her 1st anniversary; and I started my last year in my 40's (turned 49..wait, what?!)  shhhhh, keep it a secret!!
  • June: my "baby" sister turned 44
  • July: Audrey got her hair cut & got glasses for the first time, she looks so grown up now; Keegan (nephew) turned 17
  • August: Britainy (niece) turned 24; my mom & dad's 52nd anniversary
  • September: Niece Britainy moved to Naples FL (miss her terribly); Penny (yet another "feline" child) turned 15; Audrey got her ears pierced; Cassidy (niece) turned 15; my mom turned 71; Rudy & I celebrated our 18th anniversary; Chapman (nephew) turned 9
  • October: Janie (niece) turned 2
  • November: my dad's 73rd birthday
  • December: Rudy's 52nd birthday; Bridget (sil - the baby of the family) turned 40 O.o!!; Larry (nephew) turned 35; Shane (nephew) turned 36; a wonderful celebration of Christmas with my family and Audrey was very surprised with an iPod touch and her very own camera!
We had a very blessed 2009! Prayers for continued blessings in 2010!

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