Tuesday, March 02, 2010

First Try

Have you seen all the fun blogs & sites showcasing bento's? Like here, here, or maybe here? Aren't they amazing?

My daughter has been hinting for a bento lunch for quite awhile. Well, I decided today would be the day! I have been collecting egg molds, cute picks and "boxes", but I hadn't actually "shopped" for the food for a bento.

Even with using only what was on hand...Audrey loved it!

Going left to right: deviled eggs (both rows), tuna salad roll-ups (both rows), cheddar cheese (top right),
heart shaped hard boiled egg (bottom right) 


The tuna salad roll-ups were made with regular bread with the crusts removed then
rolled thin. Spread with tuna salad & thinly cut strips of cheddar cheese. Then roll
and cut into inch size rolls. I gave her picks to eat them with.


Placed the food in silicone cupcake liners and put into a box.
Lunch served!

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