Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scary Start To Our Evening

This afternoon my mom called to inform us that my sister was taking Keegan (my almost 18 year old nephew) to the local Children's Hospital emergency room.

He had been extremely tired since the end of last week. Then yesterday, he needed to call home sick from school. Complaining of chest pain with numbness in his arms & hands. After a trip to the pediatrician, a chest x-ray and an EKG  they still didn't have answers.

Today the pain became worse and Keegan was complaining of  "feeling weird". Another call to the pediatrician and they're headed to the emergency room.

We live less than 15 mins from "Pill Hill", the area of the city filled with hospitals and medical centers. My family lives on the other side of town which gives them a 35-40 min drive to these hospitals. 

Audrey & I grabbed our purses and shoes and headed to the hospital to lend moral support. Mitzi also had her two year old with her, so I knew some "babysitting" would be appreciated too! 

Four hours later we were heading out of the emergency room door with a young man diagnosed with costochondritis. Costochondritis is an inflamation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum.

The doctor said that the inflamation secondary to a viral upper respiratory infection. Only treatment is Motrin every six hours for the pain. 

So, needless to say, we have thanks in our hearts and praises on our lips. I told Keegan he wasn't allowed to do that to his aunt ever again. He just smiled his typical "Keegan smile".

Love you Keegan!

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