Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random Pictures from Halloween

I haven't had the chance to post some pix from our fun Halloween evening. Audrey wanted to go trick or treating with her cousin Janie this year. So off to granny & grandpa's we went.
So enjoy some raNdoMness!

My daughter "Star Trek Lt. Commander" Audrey.

Lt. Commander Audrey and my niece Janie "Hello Kitty".

Hello Kitty and my sister-in-law Bridget

My dad "Bob Marley". He got a lot of compliments on his "hat".

My niece "Cinderella" and her daddy/my brother-in-law Mark, "Prince Charming". Very cute idea.

Ali, he's so cute!

The score!

How was your Halloween? I hope it was safe & fun!

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