Friday, November 12, 2010

Visiting Dog?

The other day Audrey & I looked out our kitchen window and saw a dog running around our backyard. Yes, we have a dog, Bear! So that in it's self isn't unusual. However Bear is black, and as you can tell in the picture, this little cutie is brown and white.

Rudy said she belonged to a neighbor two doors up from the back of our yard. She's a Brittany Spaniel named Ruby, and she 'climbs' over our fence to visit. Yep, you read right, she climbs not jumps over the fence.

Bear enjoys her visits, but he's nine and she's probably not even a year old yet. Bear isn't quite use to having a puppy around! Ruby comes & goes as she likes, plays with Bear, runs around our back yard, then climbs back over the fence and goes home.

They're very cute together.

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