Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expect the Best from Others

Just today I was looking at the small little book "If I really wanted to Make a Difference I would..." (such big information from a small book) and on page 60 were the big bolds words "Expect the best from others... and He too serves a purpose who only stands and cheers. - Henry Adams.

What a good thought to always have. Too often people let everyone "off the hook",so to speak, and expect them to "behave badly", have a "bad attitude", "be hateful", or whatever other thing that isn't "their best", that no one feels like they should even try to do their best.

Have you ever had a salesperson looked shocked at you when you're nice and polite to them? When you hold a door open for someone do they look at you as if you have sprouted a second head? Why is that?

Because we (as in everyone) don't expect the best from others!

Let's make a deal (hey, that sounds like a show)! Let's each try to expect the best from others and let's give our best to others too! Okay? 

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