Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Egg Coloring Day In Pictures!

Well, of course you must go to Granny & Grandpa's and color Easter eggs! Always so much fun! 

There are six grandchildren, ages 25 to 3 years old, in the family. All but one, the 16 year old granddaughter on spring break in Florida, was able to stop by at least for several minutes today! Now not all colored eggs necessarily, you know how 18 year old boys young men can be. 
That was a special blessing!

With all the torrential rain we've had lately, including today, the egg hunt was inside!
(We were discussing it today... the first indoor search ever, in our family history! Pretty amazing)

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Audrangelo said...

I always look unhappy when I color eggs. I think it's an annual thing.