Sunday, May 08, 2011

Look What We Made For Granny!

What kind of Mother's Day gift can you make with scrapbook paper, a hot glue gun, canadian wintergreen mints, a can of chicken broth (ok, just the can), treat bags and a can opener (yep, it's a whale, isn't it cute?!)

A really cute one!
I think the pull tab type cans are really cute, but you can use any can you have available.

Remove the label. Open the can from the bottom. If using a side can opener, leave a portion of the lid connected to the can (it will be easier to glue later). Clean can with warm soapy water, rinse well. Dry thoroughly.

Cut your pretty paper the height of the can. 
Wrap it around the can and attach it with tape or glue.

Add your treats (either sweet or otherwise)! 
Hot glue the bottom back onto the can and your set to go! 
I used a cellophane treat bag for the mints, but you don't have to! 

If using the side can opener, and loose candy you will want to put tissue paper crumpled over the treats before gluing the bottom. 

Think of the possibilities! Little can's of M&M's! Treat's for Teacher's Appreciation!
The possibilities are endless!

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Pookie Pantz said...

That is toooo cute, Tammy!!! :) I think I will have to make that for Jordan's teacher at the end of the school year!! :)
Love ya