Monday, October 17, 2011

A Strange House Guest

Well, actually he isn't inside the house. He is between the glass and the screen of the kitchen window which is above the sink. 

Audrey has named him "John"
As you can tell in this second picture he has an intricate layering of webs with a funnel opening right behind him in the picture. (Hence why we think he is a funnel web grass spider)

With nothing to use as a guide, it's rather hard to tell how big he is. Looking at the top picture, the length of his body is about the length of a quarter. Then he's very thin across, and of course you have to add his legs. 

I didn't tell my blog friends, but 4 weeks ago I was bit in the leg by a spider. We are not sure what kind. In our area we have brown recluse, funnel web, and wolf spiders. The bite was on my left leg at the base of my shin. The swelling, redness, and dark red rash spread up my leg and spiraling toward my outer leg and up my calf. The dark read rash and swelling stop about 3 inches from the back of my knee. 
The pain was Horrendous 
(and I have a high tolerance to pain)! 
I have migraines and the first week of this spider bite was worse than any migraine I have ever had. 

It is still slightly red and will occasionally still hurt. So with all that said, you can see why I don't really like this "house guest". In the past I didn't really like spiders, but they really didn't bother me either. Now...I don't any of them. Even the little house spiders make me jump out of my skin! 

Oh well, they're every where! So I will have to get use to them I guess.

I tease Audrey that if John "come's on this side of the glass" (inside the house) I would get my gun and shoot him. I wouldn't of course, but I do hope as big as he is that there isn't a way for him to get through an unopened window.  

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