Friday, December 09, 2011

Catching Up...

Hi, thought I'd give you a little "catch up with pictures" post!


My Dad's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving. 
Audrey & I went to my Mom & Dad's to help with the meal and 
give Dad his coconut creme pie!


Audrey's crazy "hand" person!

Wearing Hyacinth's (her BJD) wig!


December 1st was Rudy's birthday! His cake was a work of love!
Audrey took these red, pink, white & blue heart sprinkles...

and picked out all the white & blue!

His cake was blue swirled.

She even stuffed a tiny pocket full of little white heart sprinkles 
(and Rudy got that piece of cake!!)!

Beautiful and delicious!


Hope you enjoy this quick little update!

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