Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our Christmas at home
new pj's and slippers as usual,

Hyacinth (Audrey's BJD) has the best seat in the house - lol!

Bear opening his present, he was very impatient, he couldn't wait.

from Anna, her online best friend!

Dr. Who buttons, 

Rudy, some much needed socks,

Oliver finding the cats toys.

This little box was inside a wrapped box, 

Then this little package with a bow, 

It was a new memory card for her camera!

Monster High dolls, Deuce Gorgon & Cleo de Nille

Lion King dvd

First season set of The Invisible man.

Hyacinth a new wig.

Hyacinth goes from blonde to orange hair!

An expansion pack for her Sims 3

Audreys big surprise! We got her Aidan BJD out of layaway early!

Aw, he has such a cute little face!

Aidan with hair!

Aidan & Hyacinth (Patch in the background)

Christmas at Granny & Grandpa's!

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