Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Little Tour Around Our Tree

We'll start at the top! What's at the top of your tree? A star, a bow, an angel?
We have a star, I think it's the most beautiful star ever!

I love putting up the ornaments, it's such a wonderful trip down memory lane!

There's a couple reminding us of our trip to Disney, 

and our daughter's 1st Christmas!

We have nostalgic lights from my hubby's childhood!

Cute silly reminder of his navy days.

Beautiful handmade ones made by my dear Granny (miss you so much Granny)!

Another one for our baby's 1st Christmas!

One with the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas!

Everything is bright and sparkly!

Even ones supporting our team!

Must have my favorite color :-)!

These little snowmen lightbulb covers are so cute! They were a gift 
a long time ago! 

Of course I could never show you everything here on my blog! 
You'd have to see it in person, but here's the next best thing! 

Christmas Eve is just a week away! Wow, where did the time go?

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