Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to Mom & Dad's (belated update)

Well after our wonderful time together for the 4th, Husband/Daddy said bye once again to his wife and daughter. We were headed back to my mom & dad's on the 5th.
Mom had an appointment at her doctors from her oral surgery. The doctor said she was doing pretty good. Now we needed to get her strength up from not being able to eat.

The 6th brought sadness. My uncle Hubert died. 

He's my mom's brother, she's the youngest of 10.  My mom & uncle Athel are the only ones left now. It wasn't a total surprise but it is always a shock when a family member dies.

So that weekend Audrey & I watched mom & dad's dog & cat while they went out of town for the visitation and funeral.

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