Monday, March 31, 2008

Not the Hoped for Homecoming

His family, friends and community never forgot or gave up. Yellow ribbons are still found all over the county. They can be found tied around trees, fence posts & door knobs, worn on lapels and displayed on cars. Anything you can tie, pin or stick a yellow ribbon on has been adorned. Businesses still have his picture hanging in view to remind us to pray for him, his family and all our soldiers.

"He" is Sgt. Keith Matthew "Matt" Maupin. An Army general told his parents Sunday that their son's remains had been found. Maupin had been listed as missing-captured in Iraq April 9, 2004 ().

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his parents, family and friends.

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American Genius said...

well at least the family has some closure. I remember the mising cards well in case you saw him anywhere.