Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools!

Well, today was "April Fools" day. Typically, before becoming parents, my husband & I didn't participate in this particular "festivity". However, now, it is very much a "regular" on our list of things "to do".

For dinner we had "Cashew Chicken Stirfry", "Chocolate & Berry Pie" and a "grape pop" to drink.

Actually, the "Cashew Chicken Stirfry" was a dried fruits, nuts, seeds & fruit rolls "dessert". The "pea pods" were sunflower seed kernals pressed in between two green fruit rolls & cut into "pea pod" shapes. Red fruit rolls were also used as "chopped red pepper". Dried pineapple chunks substituted well for the "diced chicken". With dried apple slices, diced into "onions". Cashews, of course, did not have to have a "stand in".

The "Chocolate & Berry Pie" was actually meatloaf "iced" with pink mashed potatoes. Sounds odd, but tasted great!

Lastly, the "grape pop"...

was actually grape jello. Served in a glass with a straw. I think our dear daughter almost sucked her eyes out of her head trying to "drink" her jello ~ lol, poor thing.

Anyway, until next year!

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Candace said...

Oh how funny!!! I love the idea of the grape jello for her drink! I'll have to remember these wonderful dishes for next year. :)