Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our Vacation Home?

Well, Audrey & I just got home from 3 weeks at my parent's (aka granny & grandpa). Yes, I said 3 weeks. It's started as a weekend for Audrey to spend with her cousins. That "weekend" grew slowly to 3 weeks. I must say I have the most lovable and adorable hubby. Though he missed us terribly, he continued to say "...but it's such a good thing for Audrey to spend extra time with her granny, grandpa & cousins" (Ahh, see....isn't he sweet).

During that time, Audrey & I made a run to a local thrift shop. While browsing around, Audrey said, "When we get back to our vacation home..." (referring to granny & grandpa's). I looked at her, giggled uncontrollably. To which, she smiles and replies, "Well, it it!". I don't think she ever finished her sentence. So you know it's crazy when the kiddo refers to her grandparents home as the "vacation home" ~ lol!

Anyway, I'm home and hopefully everything is back to normal (well, not that it was ever normal around here). I should be back to my regular posting.

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Candace said...

Welcome home!! I am glad you have such a wonderful vacation home to visit. :)