Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Do any of you have pets? We don't really, our "pets" are our 4-legged children. Really, they don't even know they are animals!

So many times they are being ornery, getting under foot or aggravating someone unmercifully. At that time I'm usually saying something like "What in the world are you guys doing?" or "What is going on, are you going nuts?" I know, I don't expect them to answer me, but I do it anyway. Well, to the point! Even though they can get on my nerves and drive me crazy, when they aren't here I do miss them terribly.    

Over the weekend we noticed that Oliver wasn't acting quite like himself.  So Monday morning Rudy took him to the vet. We had seen similar symptoms before, so we knew Oliver would be spending a few nights there. 

Well, here it is the second day and I really miss him, we all do! Even the other animals. They have been roaming around the house trying to figure out exactly where he is hiding, just waiting for him to jump out at them. Sending prayers for him to get well soon.

This morning the tech Rudy talked to said that Oliver was doing better. May even come home tomorrow! Yay, we're all ready for him to come home.

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