Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

My niece Cassidy is on an elite competitive cheer squad that also has some hip hop squads. One of the hip hop teams needed a new girl and the instructor asked Cassidy to join them too! Well, that team is headed to the world campionships this weekend in Disney Orlando! So last night, for one last dress rehearsal, they had a "Show Off". Which is a full out performance that anyone can go too to see the competitive performance for FREE!

It was fabulous, of course aunt Tammy would say that, but it really was! The lighting made it impossible to get pictures during the actual performance. I'll knab some from my sister when she gets back, she said it's easier to get them then (you know, those bright stage lights)!

I do have pictures from the evening though! We all had fun!

The star of the event (our star any way)!

My niece up on the "wall"!
The whole gang cooling off & getting pictures taken!
Cassidy with her Granny & Grandpa (my parent)

Cassidy & Audrey

Cassidy & her Momma (Mitzi)

Cassidy with our family

Cassidy & her little sister Avery

Mark, Avery, Cassidy & Mitzi

Avery dancing in the parking lot

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Emma said...

Thanks for letting me share in the life of your family. The pictures are great, children beautiful and I am a proud Aunt Dena. I love you all.