Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unexpected Fun

This afternoon the phone rang and the caller id read "Walgreens". We no longer have prescriptions there, so I'm saying "Walgreen??" outloud as I press the talk button. After "hello", I hear a sweet voice asked for "Joyce?". "No, there's no one here by that name" I respond. "Is this H. K. J------ on C---- Lane?" Which is correct. So now I'm really confused.

Rudy and Audrey now see a very puzzled look on my face and give me that, "who are you talking to?" look.

It turned out to be our 83 year old neighbors, Mrs. B, stuck at Walgreens. She had been dropped off there by Joyce, my sister-in-law, who lives at the corner of our street. Mrs. B was to call Joyce if she got finished before 4:00 pm or she was going to ride the bus home.

Well, Mrs. B had left her rubber band bundle with her phone numbers, credit cards and her bus pass at home. The Walgreens clerk not having a phone book had sent her back to the pharmacy. There they found our H. K. J------ on C---- Lane listing and she told them she thought that Hank (Joyce's husband) had a brother down the street (and yes he does).

After Mrs. B. telling the story several times Audrey and I left to "rescue" her! Two hours later, which included, the rescue, a trip to the bank, the grocery store and listening to the same stories again on Mrs. B. porch, we finally were heading home. Walking to the car Audrey and I looked at each other and smiled saying we needed to make sure we did this more often and checked in with her regularly.

People usually check in with their neighbors when the weather is extreme. You know...really hot or really cold. But, please remember to check in with them, on just normal beautiful spring days too! You'll be surprised how blessed you'll be!

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