Saturday, April 28, 2012

Audrey's Birthday Celebration Part II

The Sunday after Audrey's birthday (Sun. April 15th) we had the family celebration at Granny & Grandpa's. There you also get to pick what you want to eat for lunch and what kind of cake & ice cream you'd like to have. 

Audrey, of course, chose 'Grandpa burgers' (as every grandchild does), yellow cake with 'whipped' icing & vanilla ice cream.

Avery was excited to see her big sister Britainy!
The little cousins ready to 'help' with the presents

Surprise! Everyone chipped in and got her a really nice skateboard. She's wanted one for a long time!

The deck.

The wheels.

Sunflowers on the cake.

As usual, getting help!
Everyone is singing! Even Ali, the dog, he loves to sing to 'Happy Birthday'!
Mat, our expert skateboarder! He did the picking out the parts & putting it all together!
Thanks Mat!

It's all together!

Grandpa keeping her steady for the first time stepping on it!

The practicing starts...
She had a great birthday!
Thanks everyone!

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