Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Nieces Baby Shower!

My niece Britainy is due May 23rd! We're all so excited. 

Britainy asked me to make this for her shower, so of course auntie said 'OK'!
Not back for my first try at the watermelon baby carriage! 

My 'famous' cheese ball. I've had this recipe since freshman home economics class! 

My mom's punch, Britainy's favorite!

Gifts as decorations too!
The three on the left are nieces. Oh how I love them! (Janie, Cassidy & Avery)
Britainy (center) talking with her high school cheerleader coach!
Avery's pretty long hair!

"Put this plate on your head and draw Britainy & Mat's baby, without lifting your marker."
So we tried,

and tried!

Mine looked like a baby turtle.

Avery's baby was cute (she didn't put her's on her head!)

Britainy and her helpers!

I always wrap my baby gifts with a blanket. They get an extra present and
you don't have to through any paper away!
A football hat, so cute!

More cute outfits! 
A cute little penguin! I had a lot more pictures of cute presents she had but
I know you don't want to see every one of them.
Believe me, It's cute nieces and cute baby presents!

A tired mom & dad!
Dad must have been really tired! He feel asleep!
They had more than their car could carry! A very good day!

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