Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fourth Part of April's Update - Audrey's Birthday!

On April 11th Audrey turned 15! Like I said on that day, "I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. We did have a wonderful time on her birthday, I think she did too!

She woke to a pendant hanging on her door,

and the bathroom mirrors covered a wish & a proclamation!

 She started opening presents... 

A batman pez!

A 'singing' call from Granny, Grandpa, Keegan, and Ali (the dog).
Mom said Janie hid in the other room...'It was too loud'

Adapters for her iPod touch, one for her room & one for the car.
That one she seems to like!
Oh yeah, Dragon Age video game!

Dragon Age II

A Terry Pratchett book,

Another Terry Pratchett book,

Patch wanted some attention too!
Oh look, another Terry Pratchett book (can you guess she loves books)!
Guess what?
Yep, another one!
Ok, this one is a lot bigger than the Terry Pratchett books, maybe it's actually something else!

Well, it's another book, a HUGE book!
Stephen King's Under the Dome!

Wait, there's one more present!
She had a stack of papers. She was really confused!
Her present wasn't here yet. The second page was pictures of her present!
She was really happy!

One of her BJD's off her wishlist! A Resinsoul (a doll company) Pixiu!

She remember the card at the end!
Trying out her new iPod charger!
Then onto cake & ice cream!

I think she really enjoyed her birthday! 
We love you so much Audrey!

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