Wednesday, April 18, 2012

January Update!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything new in such a long time. But, I was in training for a marathon; no um... finishing my doctorate, no, I wish ... Ok, I don't have an exciting excuse. I was just busy here around the house, and seemed to never have time to sit down and post. Horrible I know. Thanks for staying with me.

So first I'll catch up with January!

January 15th was my baby brothers birthday!

He had made a mission trip to Trinidad and Tobago! While he was there her learned to love Doubles which is a common street food there. It is a sandwich like food made with two bara (flat fried breads) filled with channa (curried chick peas/garbanzo beans). He asked me a couple of weeks before his birthday if I thought that we (mom & I) could make him Doubles for his birthday meal. Of course we said we would give it a try. 

I made the bara, and cucumber chutney the day before and the channa the day of his birthday.

He graciously got all the ingredients for me!

0.06 oz of Saffron was $18 dollars! 
 I didn't take step by step photos. I was going to, and I wish I had! Tony want's Doubles again next year for his birthday. Maybe then I'll get the full pictures and recipes on my blog. Here's the one we used.
 Tony said it was the one that reminded him the most of the doubles he had on his trip!

Red velvet cake

Two little helpers. Avery on the left (my sister's daughter).  Janie on the left (Tony's daughter).


On January 21st we were covered in a layer of ice.

That covers the main highlights of January! 

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