Sunday, April 22, 2012

Second Part of April's Updates - Eggs, Eggs & Eggs!

The coloring begins,,
Britainy, Bridget, the top of Avery's head and Janie
Mat & Britainy - I think Mat was making the one for the baby, you'll see it below
Avery & Janie.
Why so blurry?
My darling girl, Audrey, contemplating what to do next!

A Bengal helmet one.
A pretty flower one - I used foam flower stickers.
The whole batch.

We had some very creative eggs, a cheetah, 

there's the Bengal's helmet & flower again!
Such wonderful eggs!

Audrey after helping hide all the eggs!
On to the hunt....

Every year since there has been grandchildren (Britainy will be 27 in August) Grandpa has hid an egg in his shirt pocket! 
Avery found one!
Each of the grandkids get to find that one! So when the first one is found, he hides another one, lol!
Janie found her's too!

Janie needed a little help from her mommy on that one!

Two proud cuties!
With their two proud Grandparents!

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