Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Part of April's Update!

The beginning of April found us at my Mom & Dad's. 
Which meant not only being with them but Ali and then Janie on 4 days of the week!
Ali relaxing after Janie left one evening!
Janie making Ali play dress-up too!
Cousins - Audrey & Janie both having cereal. Did you notice they are sitting like twins? 
Cousins - Janie & Avery chatting in Granny & Grandpa's backyard!
Look at Janie' yellow nose! Now that's some pollen!
On the Third Mitzi came by with Avery to see Granny & Grandpa & to let Avery play with Janie!
Of course the girls love to swing!
Avery changed out of her princess dress to swing!

Janie always has her baby and little dog!
April 5th was the Cincinnati Reds opening day! My niece Britainy and her beau Mat was going to the game so she wanted to show her fan spirit, so she had Mr. Redlegs airbrushed onto her baby belly.
They got so much attention! She made it onto the jumbotron, and three times on one of the local news station's coverage of the game!

Of course we thought she look adorable!
Daisy stayed with us while they were at the game!

Janie's snack - yummy apple!
I'm just adding another cute one of Ali!

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