Friday, April 20, 2012

Making It Through March!

At the beginning of Wednesday's post I posted that I would be catching up on events from the time that I was absent from my blog home. Wednesday was a quick look at January, Thursday was through February!

So here we are on Friday, which means we will be taking a quick look at March in pictures!

At the beginning of March I had to come home to pick-up my new prescriptions for the month, see Rudy and Audrey wanted me to take pictures of each of the animals (because she missed them so much).

Here's those pics:
Penny, and 
She was so happy to "see" them!


March 7th was Ali's birthday (Granny & Grandpa's dog). 
Here Ali is enjoying his birthday treat...Frosty Paws.

Audrey's BJD' and other dolls she had with her!

Ali sleeping with his tongue hanging out. A very common occurence! 

 Who doesn't love sidewalk art? 
Audrey, Granny, Bridget (Janie mom) & Janie

Audrey & Janie making sure the driveway is pretty too!

All so very pretty, isn't it?
(notice the circled bird dropping :p)

Another muffin tin meal or "fancy food" as Janie calls them! Always fun to do!

Aw Janie lovin' on Granny.... or maybe she has her pinned - lol!

Granny, Audrey & I made a trip to Goodwill! It was a good day. Audrey found 2 wonderful skirts regularly $4.99. On sale for $1.99 then we got 50% off for over 50 year old! One still had the tags on them at it was originally and $80 skirt!

The housewares was also 50% off plus my 50% for being over 50 yrs old!
This plastic shoe box filled with ribbons (there are a few more under the middle section) was marked $2. With deals of the day I got it for $.50! You can't get the box it's self for that much! 

This plastic ziplock bag filled with napkin rings was marked $6. So I brough home 22 napkin rings for $1.50!
All three of us found some fantastic finds! I didn't get a picture of everthing. Maybe I'll go back and take a picture of each of our "treasures".


March 17th - St. Patrick's Day

Nothing major really. We hide clue to a "treasure hunt" and the treasure is "gold" chocolate coins!

This year I found foam shamrocks (regular & glitter), I taped the clues to the back and hide them around Mom & Dad's house.

Here's a sample of a clue

Audrey with her first clue!

One of the pair of shoes Audrey found at Goodwill!

Just Janie!

Yesterday on the February post, I showed you a picture of a squirrel that had made a hole in Mom & Dad's tree and had a lovely home! I don't know how long the squirrel liked there (probably all winter). 

Well, now in March, we have a bird reusing the house. She seems to be enjoying it too!

(Click on the picture to get a better look)
More misc. pictures

Janie making powdered sugar "cupcakes"
Now the decorations.

Audrey off to the Newport Aquarium with her Aunt Bridget & Uncle Tony & Janie.
She's excited she has never been before!

A mommy Cardinal on her daily visit.

Look a rainbow!

It's a double rainbow!

See two of them. (The one to the right is very faint)
 Avery watching....

a dvd of Avery at Disneyland (Avery is in the blue Cinderella dress to the left on her daddy's shoulder) 


Audrey going to glue suede her bjd! 

Now she has to put him back together again!

She did a great job.


 More Birds:
A Common Grackle
A daddy Cardinal on his daily visit!
A red headed woodpecker having a snack!

The rest of March's misc pictures:
Janie in her "Avery's birthday hat"!

Playing with her Squinkies!
Upside down girl!

Audrey's bruise, she say's that she NEVER gets bruises!

Thanks for traveling through March with me!

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