Monday, September 10, 2012

Missing Once Again

Sorry doesn't exactly cover how horrible I feel leaving my blog so empty, for so long. I wish I had an exciting excuse. I tried that on my January Update post, but I just can't, I can't lie! 
I do have a list of events that happened and that I've missed posting. I'll try to hit the highlights, and not be too boring!

My last post was my Happy Independence Day, the post before that Father's Day! So I really need to hit a few of posts in between those two days!


June 26 was my "little" sister Mitzi's birthday.
She became a "Mimi" (grandma) this year to Finley Johanna, my adorable great niece. My niece just got some fantastic new pictures of her. Here's one!
Isn't she adorable. Audrey gave her that little leopard. Britainy said she loves it!


This (the 26th) was also the day that Audrey & I went to stay at my parents to help out for awhile. The next day (the 27th) my mom was having dental surgery. She babysits my niece Janie for Tony & Bridget to work. I was sure she wouldn't feel like doing much of that after dental surgery. Dental surgery isn't fun for anyone much less someone at 72 y/o.

The dental surgery was very hard on my mom. The next week was very rough on her. We (Audrey & I) went back home on the 3rd so we could be home for our annual little 4th of July celebration. The plan was to go back to my mom & dad's on the 5th.


I have such a wonderful husband. He knows how important family is and doesn't care when Audrey & I go off and stay for long period at my parents. He let's the couple times a day phone conversation keep him close to us.

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